Minneapolis Divorce Attorneys

At the Minneapolis, Minnesota law office of Kathleen Newman, we take a holistic approach to our family law practice. This starts with an honest conversation. We listen to your needs, we pay attention, and we respond in a timely and effective manner. Our attorneys work as a team to develop realistic goals that respect your rights under Minnesota law. Then, we look at the numerous ways to achieve those goals. We frequently employ mediation techniques and we recommend experts like counselors, appraisers and tax specialists. Our experienced divorce lawyers work toward resolving your family law conflicts efficiently and effectively, and getting your life back on track.

High Asset Divorce

The most crucial element of a high-asset divorce is having a legal team that truly understands every nuance of your situation and what is at risk financially. Only by understanding the intricacies of your case can the team at Kathleen M. Newman provide spot-on advice.

Pre-Marriage Considerations

Our firm takes a proactive stance in helping you plan for marriage. Rather than leaving questions of finances and assets to chance or pretending that these issues do not exist, we manage them on your behalf through a variety of methods, including antenuptial agreements.

Child Custody

Regardless of their assets and other financial holdings, many of our clients find that child custody issues form the most difficult aspect of divorce. We have handled these issues for more than 35 years. Our approach rests on our relationship with you.


Family disputes do not always conclude at the end of a trial. They can often go up for appeal. Whether you wish to appeal the trial court’s decision or protect it while on appeal, the law office of Kathleen M. Newman + Associates, can help you attain the results you’re looking for.

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