Father seeks custody of children in high-profile case

Many people grow up wanting the American dream. They want to have a safe childhood, go to college, get a job and raise a family. Many times the dreams come true, and people live happily ever after. Unfortunately, these dreams are sometimes shaken up when relationships don’t work out between two people. When that happens, families will have to deal with many changes, including parenting plans and child custody agreements.

That’s the situation that one man faced after his wife left him and took with her their three children. The father’s drug use prompted the mother to seek a restraining order, and later, an affidavit, claiming that he abused her physically. The man said he stopped using drugs the day his wife took their children away. He also denied her allegation of physical abuse.

The case has made headlines recently because, sadly, one of the children has gone missing, and the police are not weighing out the possibility of homicide. The 5-year-old boy’s disappearance was first reported to authorities when his older sister told a school counselor that her mother’s boyfriend was abusing her. The little girl also told counselors that it had been a long time since she had seen her brother.

Now the father of the children has stepped forward and is seeking custody of the kids in juvenile court. The children are currently living in foster care. The father admits criminal charges have been filed against him in the past, but asks that he be judged on who he is today, not who he once was.

It is a tough situation this father finds himself in, and there may be no definite identifier of what first went wrong. Families going through a divorce must find a custody agreement that suits both parties. If circumstances change and one parent feels their child or children are at risk, they should not hesitate to seek out modifications to the original custody agreement.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Father of missing Fitchburg boy admits checkered past,” Dan Adams, Dec. 29. 2013

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