Minneapolis Premarital Agreements Lawyer

When preparing for marriage, publicly visible individuals in unique financial positions have special considerations to keep in mind in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful marriage. The law firm of Kathleen M. Newman + Associates, P.A., in Minneapolis, MN, can help you assess these considerations, understand them and choose wisely from your available options when addressing them.

Focusing On Your Pre-Marriage Considerations In Minnesota: Antenuptial Agreements

Our firm takes a proactive stance in helping you plan for marriage. Rather than leaving questions of finances and assets to chance or pretending that these issues do not exist, we manage them on your behalf through a variety of methods, including, among others, antenuptial agreements.

We can help you put in place a variety of agreements beforehand that anticipate potential disputes in a marriage, even sometimes preventing them from arising in the first place. By minimizing the potential for misunderstandings and disputes, we maximize the likelihood of your marriage's success.

In particular, clients appreciate our ability to handle these matters with discretion. We understand human nature and how to address difficult family topics with tact and sensitivity.

We can deliver this level of legal representation because of our firm's commitment to client-centered lawyering. This style of lawyering means we put the focus where it belongs: on you, your needs and your legal goals. By taking the time to know you and your case, we give you the legal advice you need to resolve financial matters so you can concentrate on what matters: your new marriage.

Start Putting The Pieces In Place For A Successful Marriage

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